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SOTW: Episode #85- Beg, Borrow, or Steele
by everglade68    (June 6, 2008)
We are all for a treat with this week's SOTW. "Beg, Borrow, or Steele" is 
a great episode and a favorite of many. Looking forward to reading everyone's post. 


by dtalley
"Beg, Borrow or Steeleis in my Top 5 and it qualifies as a "Mr. and Mrs. Steele" episode, as well. I love the entire episode, from the moment Remington and Laura crawl out of the taxi to the moment they share a romantic, reflective evening before a toasty fire. 

The thing I love the most about "Beg" is the way Laura trusts everything about their situation to Remington. She realizes that he has hard-earned experience of living on the seedy side of the street and that he can help them survive in their current circumstances far better than she can. In last week's "Running", she trusted him with the Agency and in "Beg" she trusts him with their lives. Remington has proven himself to be trustworthy and Laura has come a long way in trusting him. 

I just wish the writers had remembered that while they were writing "Bonds". Sadly, they threw all that hard-earned trust right out the window in the wedding episode. What were they thinking?! Can you imagine how wonderful "Bonds" would have been if the writers had continued to build on the trust Remington and Laura had earned during Season 4? 

I loved the continuity in "Beg". Laura tries to call her sister Frances and Remington refers to the Piper children, Jimmy Jarvis is again hoodwinked again, lessons hard-learned during Remington's shady past help them survive, Laura's past hesitancy at intimacy is referred to and even 'joked' about, the jewels that brought R and L together follows the news of the deaths, Laura and Remington are shown sleeping together not once, but twice -a tip of the Fedora to their 'first time' in "Signed, Steeled, and Delivered", Remington's aversion to running shows itself when he gets a 'stitch' in his side while chasing the bad guys, and, of course, there's that wonderful reference to "Is that your foot on my leg?" 

Things I've always wondered about: 

1. Why didn't R and L, who were starving, eat some of the food from the wake buffet? Did someone clear out all the food after Mildred took off running to Cowan Mortuary? Didn't they have some snack food at the Agency? I know they often made coffee (and probably tea) and I would suspect they keep some sort of snacks handy. 

2. Whose wedding had they attended in the Big Apple? 

3. Why did the police take so long to do the fingerprinting of the bodies? 

4. Why does Mildred say that RS 'loved the ponies'? We saw no indication of that in any of the other episodes. 

5 a. How long had it been since R had seen Freddy? Did he keep in contact with some of his early street contacts, or did Freddy just show up on his doorstep after 4 yrs? 

5b. Obviously, if Freddy and Candy knew that RS used to be Harry, other 'old friends' also knew. I find it fasinating that none of them ever ratted on him. Guess there really *is* honor among thieves. 

Love Laura's temper tantrum while they're in the food line and the food runs out. It's always funny to me that Remington just basically ignores her outbursts and gets the info the need from the chef. Love how she throws her tray, they throws R's and just stalks off. But even funnier is how Remington asks her, "Feel better?" and then throws an embarrassed laugh to the rest of the bums in the line before he follows her. 

The best scene of the episode is when they share a cot in the flophouse. That is such a pivotal scene. It shows that despite their circumstances, L & R still trust and - dare I say?-love each other. It's so noble of Remington to give Laura 'permission' to go home to her loft, but it's even more wonderful the way she simply can't bring herself to desert him, no matter how bad their circumstances. I always get chills when Laura throws up arms up, turns around, and walks back to Remington and the cot, smiling and saying, "Don't hog the bed." His smile there is simply beautiful. I also love the way he so lovingly covers her with the blanket when she lies back down beside him. 

I'm going to let someone else mention some of the other highlights. I've just scratched the surface. 

Trivia: "Bonds of Steele" was filmed before "Beg, Borrow, or Steele". I've heard that SZ was glad that PB looked a mess in "Beg" because *she* had been such a mess in "Bonds" while he never even looked wrinkled. 



by everglade68
Awesome post Debra. However, I am a little confused. What do you mean by: 

The best scene of the episode is when they share a cot in the flophouse but unfortunately, the 'new' RS fans have never seen it.


by dtalley
Ooops. I was referring to the PAX airings of the episode. The flophouse scene was always cut and that always made me mad. I've edited that sentence out of my post. Thanks for pointing it out. 


by auroracat-1
OK - I have to say that if ever there was an episode where they would have surely "crossed the line into the bedroom" the tag scene on this one is it!
by Neneithel
Unusual for you to miss a detail, but his love of the ponies is a matter of record. In Tempered Steele, he even buys a racehorse.
by auroracat-1 
In Ireland at the track he knows all about the tic tac man. That is not knowledge you would come by unless you'd been to the track a few times.
by everglade68
This episode is one of the best ones in Season Four. However, it is hard to 
imagine that Laura's family would not be involved in her funeral. I mean, where is her mother and sister? Mrs. Holt might not have had time to travel to LA, but wasn't Laura's sister living in LA? 

Debra, I too want to know whose wedding they attended in NYC. Throughout the series, we did not see any of Laura's friends or extended family. So that she 
and Mr. Steele would fly to the other end of the country for a ceremony is quite surprising. Also, did they spend the weekend together or did they have separate hotel rooms again? 

Some really funny lines in this episode: 

"And Police still aren't saying whether they have any leads in the brutal murders of famed private investigator Remington Steele and his secretary, Laura Holt". 

R: "Well, at least we're newsworthy." 

L: "Newsworthy? We've just been declared dead! And one of us a secretary," 

R: "Really, Laura, this is no time to be petty". 


Laura to Mildred: "How could you identify those two people as us?" 

M: "There wasn't much to identify. Their faces were all but -gone. He was wearing your monogrammed robe. And she was in a negligee." 

R: "She was in a negligee and you still thought it was Miss Holt?" 

What I liked most about "Beg, Borrow and Steele" was that Laura and Remington were together for most of the episode. Unfortunately, there have been several 
episodes during this season where this has not been the case. 

I loved the tag scene, it just seemed that for once, they were really going to spend the night together. 



by MickeyBoggs
In my opinion, this is the last of the upper tier of Season Four episodes. We were left with such hope for the two episodes that followed. Ah, if we'd only known, we might have quit while we were ahead. 

Memorable Stuff 

- Lovely opening scene. Leaves us with several questions, though. Whose wedding was it? (Most fanfic I've read seems to think it was Bernice's or Wilson's.) And perhaps more importantly, what were the sleeping arrangements?! 
- Excellent way to involve us in the mystery right off the bat. Who was killed in Mr. Steele's apartment?! 
- Love the wrestling scene in the RSI office 
- Poor Laura. All these years later and the press STILL refers to her as "a secretary". 
- I had hope again when they got to the motel room. Perhaps they could hide out there for the night. Dang that motel clerk for paying attention to the credit card machine! 
- "Hot Hips Holly" - bwahahaha 
- Mr. Steele hates climbing 2 flights of steps to Laura's loft. One can only imagine the words being mumbled between gasps for air as he climbs to the 11th floor of the office building 

Character Development 

- Our duo must truly be worn out. I can't imagine either of them admitting to the other they were "too tired to coax you into a romantic interlude" or "too tired to thwart your advances" if their brains were firing on all cylinders. 
- Really, Mr. Steele, you're falling off your game. You should know better than to use your credit card when on the run! 
- While Mr. Steele finds it hard to believe that Mildred thought Laura would be at his place wearing a negligee, it's nice to know that SHE didn't find it odd! 
- In the scene at Cowan Mortuary, it was nice to see R&L working the next steps out together...with a little help from Mildred, of course! 
- Finally. They're sleeping together again. In the same bed. With 20 other people in the room. Sigh. But it's a sweet moment when Laura turns around and gets back in the insect-ridden bed with him. 
- LOVE the tag scene. Raise your hand if you really think she went home by herself that night! 

Favorite lines 

The classic: "I never carry cash, too bulky." 
R: That's what I love about you, Laura. You're always willing to stick my neck out. 
L: I've got nothing else worth hocking, remember? 

Goofs, Headscratchers & Misc 

- So this time they decide to have photos of real Lavulite, which has a "vibrant violet color". Quite a contrast to Dreams of Steele where they're said (and shown) to be "so blue, they're like pieces of the sky". 
- So Mr. Steele never carries cash because it's too bulky, yet when handcuffed to Bing Perret, they had "Fourteen hundred dollars between us and we don't have a quarter to make a phone call?" 

Guest Cast Trivia 
- Ken (Harrigan) Swofford (one episode) and Kirk (motel clerk) Scott (2 episodes) also appeared in an episode of The FBI with Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. 
- Jack Ragotzy (Jack) also played Liebowitz in Tempered Steele. He is the founder of summer stock company, The Barn Theatre in Augusta, Michigan which has been home actors such as Dana Delany, Patricia Wettig, Tom Wopat, Jennifer Garner and James B. Sikking 
- Mary Kate McGeehan (Sister Natalie) works as the Dialogue Coach for Dylan and Cole Sprouse on Disney Channel's "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" (2005). She is also on staff at Gary Spatz's "The Playground - A Young Actors Conservatory". 


by edr1109 

So Mr. Steele never carries cash because it's too bulky, yet when handcuffed to Bing Perret, they had "Fourteen hundred dollars between us and we don't have a quarter to make a phone call?" 

Yes, and how cash is too bulky but a case of lock picking tools in his suit jacket feels fine! Necessary tools of the trade I guess. 

My favorite scene of this episode is when Steele and Laura are watching the guests come to their "wake" at the office. Laura assuming the low lifes are on his side and Steele assuming the nun is on hers. I crack up every time I see that. 


by sugarjilly
Just got finished watching Beg, Borrow or Steele! One of my favorite episodes! But after watching this time...I'm finding that I need to get passed all of the questionable things cause I really loved this episode! 
For instance: 
-Certainly Steele's face was all over the news. I'm sure the manager of the hotel would have seen it at some point if he recognized the name on the credit card!!! 
-Wouldn't Candy have known Harry was Steele? I mean Fred was going to Steele's apartment and their deaths were all over the news! I'm confused about that....another thing... 
You'd think Pittsburgh Phil would have recognized Steele right away...after all, he just went to his wake!!! I'm sure he seen Steele's pic on TV too...I mean, if you want a 6 pick ticket worth 1 1/2 million dollars I'd want to know what the guy looks like that I'm after!!!!! 
-When they were headed for the $2 a night cot place, Laura asks Steele how much money have we. Steele says $2 or $3...Isn't that what Mildred gave them? and didn't they already get on the bus? That would have cost some money right? Maybe not as much as I think back in the late 80's though. 
-Another thing that gets me when I watch this episode, at the very end, when the man yells...."STOP HIM, he's getting away with 1 1/2 million dollars!" I don't know about you, but I'd be one of the first ones to go and chase him!!! 

I really would have liked to have known who's wedding and the sleeping arrangements also. Good points made thus far by everyone!! 

Right at the beginning of the episode, Steele obviously makes known he's too tired to do anything with Laura so what's Laura do!!!.....She kisses him and gets him going...Very mean if you didn't want anything more to happen!!! LOL Steele is ready and willing after the kiss...R says "...getting a second wind." 

There has been a lot of favorite quotes mentioned so I'll add to them. It's not so much as just a quote but a whole scene. I loved the scene when Laura and Remington are watching everyone coming in to RSI for their wake! Haha!!! 
Pittsburgh Phil goes by....L looks at R and says...."must be from your side." 
Sister Natalie goes by....R looks at L and says....."must be from your side." 
the jockeys go by....R says...."well, they're short enough, but I don't think they're your sister's kids." 
Hahaha!!!! that whole scene is too funny! 

Another quote I liked....right after coming out of the XXX rated movie. 
L: "How could anyone sleep with all that moaning and groaning going on?" 
R: "Nonsense Laura, I could hardly hear you." 

Just a side note.....At the race track in the bathroom, they show a handicapped stall. Most handicapped bathroom stalls are much bigger in 2008!! Thank God; however, there are some that still are that size! 

I loved the cot scene! I think it shows R and L's bond they have together. They are committed and care about each other. Laura's look to Steele when she changes her mind and stays is awesome. 
and of course last but not least!...I loved the tag scene! and yes, I find it hard to believe that Laura DIDN'T go home that night!!! 

Loved this episode! One of my favorites! 

by dlxauburn
Beg, Barrow or Steele ---Episode 85 

Xenos said she was going to post on this one late, so I thought it’d be a good one to get back into the swing of posting again. So without further ado….. 

Once again an Episode titled in the form of a choice; and once again I choose Steele. I know you are all absolutely surprised by that….. 

Steele and Laura return from the wedding in New York and are too tired for a romantic interlude? It’s the first 3 minutes of the show! YOU HAVEN”T DONE ANYTHING YET!!!!! Get upstairs and make us (and yourselves) happy! I don’t care who got married in New York. Clearly if you had shared a room there, you would have scampered up those stairs to resume what was “Sleepless in New York”. 

How does Pierce get out of the taxi trying to look bedraggled and exhausted make me think he looks scrumptious instead? In fact during the whole episode, both Stephanie and Pierce appear to be wearing some sort of technologically advanced clothing that makes you sexier the longer you wear it. I mean I know when I drink; I think I get sexier the more I have. But I didn’t know science had engineered this into fabric. I need to go shopping baby! 

They come out of the all night porn movie theater ….. Nothing I just wanted to once again imagine the possibilities of how they passed the time. I’m guessing this isn’t a lalalala or flalalala moment, but rather an oooolalala moment. 

I loved the parade of potential perps outside the office for the memorial service. It is the visual embodiment of the beginning of a joke that Steele later verbalizes at the mortuary. Five jockeys, a nun and a guy named Pittsburgh Phil go to a bar…. The side commentary by Steele and Laura just add to it. And as long as those two are lurking in the hallway, just what sort of incentive did Laura give Steele to climb up 11 floors TWICE in one day??? Short of her doing a floor by floor strip tease, I fail to actually believe he did that. I think they used the freight elevator and just hid in the stairwell each time. 

Laura and Steele make it to the track after hocking her necklace for cab fare. Laura immediately figures a way to interrogate Pittsburgh Phil by sending Steele in to get a loan. Two things in this scene stand out for me. 

First Steele’s reply upon hearing her plan is, “That’s what I love about you Laura, always willing to stick my neck out.” Clearly this is a classic case of over writing by Brad Kern. He should have stopped after “That’s what I love about you Laura.” This is as close as we can get to those three little words. 

Secondly, I take issue with Pittsburgh Phil’s failure to recognize Steele in the men’s room. But then again Steele did employ the best disguise invented…sliding your breast pocket kerchief down has been scientifically proven to alter your DNA as to make one unrecognizable to guys named Phil or anyone from Pittsburgh. 

Finally we get to the $2 cot scene where Mr. Steele finally proposes. “If we ever find that ticket, what do you say we cash it in and stay dead in the Bahamas for the rest of our lives?...Just you and me.” Ladies, ladies, ladies I ask you, who in their right mind would ever say no to that? The clothes of the future are working their magic making Steele look holy cow hot in a homeless shelter. And all Laura can come up with is “Quit hogging the bed.” What the heck? Laura needs a small timeout to reread the W.W.X.D. (What would Xenos do) manual. I recommend it for every gal on the go who’s stalking a hot guy. Be sure to read the chapter on night vision goggles and positions for the best viewing. 

The only question about the story line is why does Candy, dressed as the nun carrying the $1.6 million, go back into the track after shooting Harrigan? Shouldn’t she flee toward the church to blend in with the other nuns? She already has the money!!!! 

Finally the tag scene, yes she spends the night and this is the last of the good episodes in terms of their relationship making any sense. And just as a side note: Laura…I know it’s been too long, but that’s not his foot on your leg. It’s his hand on your derriere darling. Although come to think of it, a foot is 12 inches. Perhaps you are on the right track…... 

by sugarjilly
ROFL!!!!! OH This was sooo funny Auburn! Haha!!! 

Okay, you say... 

"They come out of the all night porn movie theater ….. Nothing I just wanted to once again imagine the possibilities of how they passed the time. I’m guessing this isn’t a lalalala or flalalala moment, but rather an oooolalala moment." 

I thought there were only two levels!! lalala and there's an oooolalala!! I don't think I can imagine that one...come to think of it...I don't know if I can imagine the falalala either!!! Anyhow, it was very funny!!! 

"The clothes of the future are working their magic making Steele look holy cow hot in a homeless shelter. And all Laura can come up with is “Quit hogging the bed.” What the heck? Laura needs a small timeout to reread the W.W.X.D. (What would Xenos do) manual." 

oh my have you got that one right on the money! Would you think it's very thick, the W.W.X.D manual that is? 

Very nice post Auburn! Very entertaining too! 

by Xenos1981
Auburn, you supercharged speedster, you!!! ROTFLMAO, girlfriend!!! I laughed...I cried...I wet my pants!!! FIVE DEPENDS!!! How can I follow that review?!?! Can't even try now...On my way out. But I do have some thoughts on this episode. (Not as entertaning, of course, but...) 


Mamma Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan...Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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