Remington Steele:  Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
Top 10/Bottom 10 Episodes
by DCZinger    (Sat Nov 18 2006 15:32:41 ) 
Okay guys, Let's see if our lists are alike!

Xenos, I know it's hard to come up with a Top 55 for you, but try dear. 

DCZinger's Top Twelve Steele Episodes. To make this list, each episode has MORE than one fantastic scene. 

1. Red Holt Steele. Need I say more? This is always gonna be #1. Too many great scenes in this one. 

The rest can be in no particular order: 

2. Thou Shalt Not Steele: Abigail. The talking over each other fight in Laura's foyer. Felicia and the "smitten" talk. "You made your mother clean the bathtub?". 

3. Vintage Steele: The Abbott of Costello. The kiss in Monk's robes. Laura's striptease. 

4. Woman of Steele: Pierce NEVER looked more handsome in this. The first and only time we see him come to Laura truly vulnerable, and he thanks her for trying to understand him. The kiss after that scene was nice too. The "don't you know" scene with Cassie. Anna and Laura at the museum, where Laura lets Anna know that she's not giving up Steele without a fight. The final "you've changed me" scene. 

5. Tempered Steele: Wallace. The dinner Party. Nadine. The Restaurant Scene. 

6. Hearts of Steele: The Tic-Tac Scene. Their first talking over each other fight. Steele in Plaid pants. Laura singing "Satisfaction" ( the uncut version...alas, the DVD's don't have that scene) 

7. Steele At It: The argument on the street, Laura jumping on Steele on the beach, Mildred losing at Baccarat, and the final scene. 

8. Steele Trying: The uncut version with Tony Bennett's real music. 

9. Have I Got a Steele for You : The "Thaw" scene. George Edward Mulch. That silly Courtney Doll. 

10. Sensitive Steele: The Bataka Scene, The Gazebo Scene. The Beach Scene. 

11. Steele Belted: The "Cotton Candy" scene. Miss Taplinger. Steele and Murphy working as a team. 

12. Steele Away with Me. The Bridal Suite Scene Scene, The first scenes with Mildred stomping down the hall as the IRS pit bull, the first time Mildred gives Steele advice about Laura. 

DCZinger's Bottom Eight: in no particular order: 

1. Illustrated Steele: Artie the fishface. Kayla Brady is a killer? 

2. Steele Blue Yonder: I call this Steele Blue YAWN-der. I know, Jimmy Stewart was supposed to do this one. 

3. Breath of Steele: Tony and Teri. I WANTED the hit man to get them!

4. Springtime for Steele: Rocky Sullivan

5. Steele on the Air. I wanted the DJ's to get theirs. 

6. Pocketful of Steele: Jackie. The kid who'd I'd like to give a buzzcut to personally. 

7. The Steele that Wouldn't Die: When Juan starts singing "Laura", I knew that the series was a lost cause. It gets worse when Tony arrives. 

8. Steele's with a kiss. A good 1/3 episode if you Just take the scenes with Steele, Laura and Daniel. The problem is, we have the 2/3's with the silly Russian's, the KGB, Tony and Marissa. 

Okay guys...I showed you MINE, let's see YOUR's. 



by everglade68    (Sat Nov 18 2006 16:09:49 ) 
Zinger, no one has called me "Izzy" since high school, that sure brings
back memories. 

You took my Number One. "Red Holt Steele" is my all time favorite, the palm
kiss, the tears, the embrace, Laura's wearing Remington's clothes, I can
go on and on.

Now I have to take a day or two to come up with the rest.


by Xenos1981    (Sat Nov 18 2006 16:12:13 ) 
Aw, crap, Zinger! You know how I HATE these 'pick your favorite episodes' questions! Can I just say that my favorites all have "Steele" in the title? Actually, I got out a piece of paper and a pen and got out my DVDs and REALLY tried to come up with a top ten. After I finished going through season two, I was already up to twelve favorites. Haven't even gotten to season three or four yet. The bottom ten are coming along...but there aren't that many. Can I pick the top ten from each season?!?! Crap. I'm trying my best. Back to season three and four now. We'll see how my list turns out. It might take a while, though. And even then, if I CAN whittle it down to ten episodes, it will probably change tomorrow.


by DCZinger    (Sat Nov 18 2006 16:22:36 ) 
Xenos, Note that My top 10 is really a Top 12 and my Bottom Ten is Really a Bottom 8. So If you have a Top 15 and a Bottom Five, that's okay. 

I used the criteria of which episode had more than ONE great scene, and in the Case of Red Holt...the Entire episode rocked. Vintage also came very close, but Red Holt hit you right in the heart, where Vintage was a sparkly glass of champagne. 

Just about every Remington Episode had a great scene or moment, the trick here is to get the ones that had the most memorable scenes and the ones that had more than ONE memorable scene. I didn't say this was gonna be EASY!

Good Luck!


by Xenos1981  (Sat Nov 18 2006 16:58:53 ) 
OK, I had to do this quickly or it'd drive me CRAZY!!! I'd be pondering all night and I can't do that. So here's my Top 10 (as of right now) and they are in no particular order. I just can't!!!

1) "Tempered Steele" -- Itchy. I hate it when you're nice to me. Wallace. Laura's and Remington's robes. 

2) "Hearts of Steele" -- Each and every drunk scene (including hangovers). Laura smacking Remington in front of the Courthouse.

3) "Vintage Steele" -- The monk kiss. Remington's realization of who exactly Wilson is. Acapulco! Laura and Remington trying to shake being followed by the monks. Remington overhearing Laura's and Wilson's heart-to-heart.

4) "Red Holt Steele" -- Needs no explanation, but I'll do it anyway. The palm kiss (and the whole scene leading up to it). Remington with wet hair in jeans and a sweatshirt!!! (Doesn't get any better than that!) Laura in Remington's clothes. Smooching in front of Laura's house before it blows up. The "Play it again, Sam" card. *sigh*

5) "Steele Framed" -- Remington looks damn hot when he's afraid. (Grrrrr!!!) Laura running her hands through Remington's hair and kissing him. Remington's not wanting to be known as the man who tore Laura's life into little pieces speech. Mildred's tough-as-nails IRS impersonation.

6) "Dreams of Steele" -- Each and every dream scene. (Too freakin' funny!) The coffin scene. The Royal Lavulite.

7) "Steele Trying" -- Wonderfully romantic episode! The set-up with the trap man's sister. The dance. The scene on the cable car. Remington's confession and Laura's reaction. The strip club fight.

8) "Steele Your Heart Away" -- Remington having the hots for Laura even though he doesn't remember who he is or who she is. Being handcuffed together. The barn scene. Mildred wanting to klonk Remington on the head.

9) "Sensitive Steele" -- The letter on the beach. *sigh* The explosive fight. The list/gazebo scene.

10) "Beg, Borrow or Steele" -- We've misplaced Laura Holt's urn. Remington getting a second wind when Laura tells him she was too tired fend him off. Snuggling on the cot. Remington with stubble!!!

Now for my Bottom Ten (Seven) in no particular order. Keep in mind...In my world, season five does not exist.

1) "Stronger Than Steele" -- Laura looked like a freak with all that decoder crap.

2) "Steeling The Show" -- Just kind of boring...Though I loved that Veronica Kirk called Remington "Dimples". Hated the daughter.

3) "Steele In The News" -- Rather depressing. (I used to work in television and this pointed out all the absurdities and how news has become a joke.)

4) "My Fair Steele" -- No romance. Tracy bugged me.

5) "Hounded Steele" -- The dog tinkling on Remington was overdone. Not enough romance.

6) "Steele Blue Yonder" -- SNOOZER! No romance. Blah.

7) "Springtime for Steele" -- Rocky Sullivan.


by DCZinger  (Sat Nov 18 2006 17:40:18 ) 
Xenos...since there is only 7 on your Bottom 10, then you can add THREE to your top 10 and make it a Baker's Dozen.


by judithmoose-2  (Sat Nov 18 2006 17:45:27 ) 
Okay what the heck... Here goes:

My darlings and these are in order:

1 - Beg, Borrow or Steele - "I thought you didn't have any energy?", "Quit hogging the bed", "I don't know how you could sleep with all that moaning" "Really Laura, I could hardly hear you."

2 - Red Holt Steele - "Think of the possibilities", "Tonight, I don't think that I could ask", "Are you coming in or do we need the doorman's help with that too?", Is it just me or does anyone else have a craving for noodle soup?

3 - Vintage Steele - "I want you to forget the next five minutes of your life", "The T-Shirt that says Bankers do it with interest", "feeling too much too soon"

4 - Diced Steele - "Reminds me of you, Queen of Hearts", "Appealingly human", "And what might that be she asked with a feeling of impending doom?", Mildred's inconspicuous wardrobe and remembering exactly where all of those good hotels and locations used to be.

5 - Thou Shalt Not Steele - Remington thinking she's pregnant, Abigail cleaning the bathtub, the expression on Laura's face when Murphy asked if her mother was really cleaning the bathroom, Mr. Steele smitten...

6 - Love Among The Steele - "How was it for you?", "We're the only two people in the state of California who haven't made love in that car", "I'm not going anywhere and I'll never stop wanting you"

7 - Steele Threads - "Flesh yes, but never just flesh", his reaction to the shooting

8 - Sting of Steele - Regardless of being out of character and having to try to lip read (story's in the book): the waltz with Stephie's Pop, "Skeeziks has the flu", "A suitcase full of purple clothes"

9 - Steele Trying - "Separate but equal Mr. Steele", the three bottles of Dom '76 that went to waste

10 - Forged Steele - The little walk, need I say more?

Least Favorite

1 - Steele Spawning - This show just annoyed the hell out of me.

2 - Springtime For Steele - I know she was Michael Gleason's wife but did he have to let her sing??? Thank goodness, he's moved on to better things - his wife Jan is a darling!

3 - Steele Blue Yonder - Writers run out of material?

4 - Steele In The Spotlight - A tad on the overly boring side

5 - Corn Fed Steele - All I can say on this is "what the heck were they thinking" when they approved this episode to be filmed?

6 - Blood Is Thicker Than Steele - They should have just taken Stephanie's suggestion on this episode. The story's in the book.

7 - Elementary Steele - Can we just say totally stupid? And then let's add "they should have left Rocky in the looney bin!"

8 - Puzzled Steele - This one just didn't hold up well. After Laura harpooned his dingy, what was left to look forward to?

9 - Steeling The Show - Another one they should have just left alone. It's one episode where someone should have taken the title literally and walked out with it.

10 - Steele In The Running - The only good part of the entire episode was Remington's reaction to Laura's triathon announcement and having to pick her up bright and early in the morning.

by picac    (Sat Nov 18 2006 18:30:09 ) 
Hmmm the top 10 would take too long and be too long. So I'll start with my bottom.

1) Springtime: Except for Steele's pep talk with Rocky I can't think of one other scene worth watching -- and that's just for Steele -- most definitely not Rocky.

2) Chips: I hate the characterizations of the leads (they don't fit in any time period), I don't think it's funny or fun and I think the plot makes less sense than usual. And I happen to love It's A Mad Mad Mad World. The only highpoint, Pierce's physical comedy and the adult in the closet scene. Also because I failed to mention it in the Chips topic - I really dislike Laura grabbing the cookies from Mildred and telling her they need to excercise instead. It's rather rude and insulting.

3) Steele In The Air: Vincent Schiavelli and the who loves you baby bit with Steele is the only thing that sparkles in this episode. Though it has some smaller moments that put it above the two on top of my bottom list -- and it doesn't actively grate as much though the guest stars are annoying.

4) Steele In The Running - I agree with Judith about the few high points though I'll add the scene of Steele open shirt running down the street in his blue jeans (blue jeans that also make Corn Fed Steele worthwhile - see below). OH DEAR GOD. It's the reason rewind/repeat was created. I have a feeling the writers put that in knowing everything else past the first 10 or so minutes (and really just the scenes in the office and him picking her up) was pretty much a stinker. 

Other that are on the bottom but I enjoy them more than the 4 above and I don't feel the need to skip over them on the DVD or even ff-- much. 

Stronger Than Steele: A good actor but too much cheesy Atomic Man and the idea of Laura attending one of those conventions boggles the mind (more than her stripping in Aculpulco!). I do like their exchange when he catches her watching the show in the office and later Steele saying he dreamt he was watching Gone With The Wind or even Heaven's Gate instead. LOL 

Steele Blue Yonder: Some good stuff, and Duggan is a good actor but the pace is so slow and our leads are playing supporting characters. Their parts could almost have been played by almost any other detective on TV -- they were that anonymous. Though I did like the tidbit of Steele knowing about Bedards (another glimpse into his life when he's not with Laura) and his excitement at the kind of suvelliance equipment he would have loved to use as a thief.

Pocketful: Jackie is annoying but I like Steele dealing with him and his trip to the bowling alley and it being a thief's travelers aid.

Blood Is Thicker: the kids are annoying but Steele dealing with the annoying kids is priceless (especially his last line to the little girl) and I like the scene with Laura talking to Steele about being envious of the neighbors.

Steele Alive & Kicking & Corn Fed: Though they're both growing on me with rewatching and I like them more than I used to. Besides Corn Fed -- Pierce in tight blue jeans and the line - "He stole our pigs, that swine." The actual mystery and plot twist on farmer/banker stereotypes is rather good. But the sheriff is a jerk and I can't stand the entire forced romance bit with Mildred. 

One I should hate but can't -- the completely ridiculous Scooby Doo like High Flying Steele. The mystery is a complete loony joke. I mean TURK! Please. But it has Steele firebreathing bared chested and sexy sexy trapeze training so who cares about the plot.

by everglade68    (Sat Nov 18 2006 19:19:00 ) 
Ace, can't wait to read your top ten. And Zinker, Judith is not playing 
fair, she can't write its in the book and get away with that. And Judith, I can't believe "Red Holt Steele" is not your favorite. I am crushed.


by llanham (Sat Nov 18 2006 19:24:32 ) 
Okay... my dear Zinger has gotten me thinking. This is hard, but here goes!


1. Vintage Steele- The kiss in the wine cellar, "Don't worry, I can handle 'em!" the two conversations of Laura alone with Wilson

2. Red Holt Steele- Goes without saying <g>

3. Love Among the Steele - "Yes, and no," "Someone always shoots at us when we're kissing!",the gal to gal scenes with Mildred

4. Beg Borrow or Steele- Laura in the "chow line," "She was wearing lingerie and you still thought it was Miss Holt?" "Must be from your side"

5. Tempered Steele- The "itchy" scene, Wallace and the mission, "How did you know I was in trouble?"/ "I didn't, I was looking for a pencil."

6. Sting of Steele- Daniel, Abigail, Laura's dance with Daniel

7. Steele Threads- "Never just flesh," Sam St. Cloud, RS finding Laura shot 

8. Steele in the Chips- Just love the madcap comedy of it

9. A Steele at Any Price - "Purloining," "It does tonight," 

10. Steele in Circulation- "Maybe it's time we started thinking about fufilling some other fantasies" , the final scene, 

11.Have I Got a Steele for You- "Beginnings of a thaw"

12. Steele Away with Me- "Damnit Laura, I care for you!" Mildred (esp the scene in the men's room w/RS), RS trying to tell the story of the Marchesa collection while being serenaded

13. Suburban Steele - Just seeing Laura in the "mom" role, "Special Spaghetti," RS's "off ramp" discussion with Donald

14. Sensitive Steele- The batakas scene, the letters and the walk on the beach

Least favorites-

1. Springtime for Steele- Did anybody like Rocky?

2. Steele in the Spotlight- Love RoseMarie, but this ep just never clicked for me

3.The Steele that Wouldn't Die - Though it had a couple great scenes, it also gave us Tony Roselli

4,5,6- Steele's Gold, Corn Fed Steele, Small Town Steele - The "small town" thing just doesn't work. The should stick to LA (but I do like the European eps)


by attagrrrl    (Sat Nov 18 2006 23:28:07 )
Xenos, I can't believe "Steeling The Show" is in your bottom 10. That's such a classic.

I'm also a fan of Steele in the Running.

" "Hounded Steele" -- The dog tinkling on Remington was overdone."

That cracked me up because it's such an understatement. They evidently tried to base the entire episode on the dog tinkling concept. 

by bgwillis1281  (Sun Nov 19 2006 07:08:36 )
Zinger! I'm suppose to be on vacation. Don't make me work so hard. Only 12? Perish the thought. Once I got going, I couldn't stop. There are so many wonderful episodes. I brought some of my DVDs here with me to Kentucky and was watching a couple last night. I have to have my daily RS fix or I can't function.

After much thought, deliberation and angst, I came up with sue me, I threw in four extra episodes. These are actually episodes I brought with me to watch...

1. Red Holt Steele - Remington going after someone he thought was hurting Laura, the late night fireplace talka and palm kiss, Laura being vulnerable for the first time....The penultimate episode!

2. Steele Threads - The foot rub, not just flesh, the tears on the stairs of the loft....makes me cry just thinking about it.

3. Premium Steele - "For being you," the balcony scene at the end (is there anything sexier than when RS comes up behind Laura and puts his hand around her waist and his cheek up against hers? Major Thud!

4. Woman of Steele - "Thank you for understanding," showing up at the loft with a bottle of champagne and groveling a little, with his heart in his hands. So sweet!

5. Steele at Any Price - I will never hear the word "purloining" again without thinking of Laura. No one could ever say it quite the way she does. Or RS and the word "berserk!" And has anyone not wondered what could have happened if Ritchie hadn't interrupted the kiss on the sofa...

6. Coffee, Tea or Steele - RS watching Laura in her short skirt, coming to her rescue, but especially the hotel scene on the bed (RS opening the buttons on Laura's jacket, kissing her shoulder while she's on the phone...I swear everytime I see this scene I think there is no way they aren't sleeping together... their actions with each other are so intimate.)

7. Steele Blushing - Just watching RS trying to contain his jealousy at the possibility that Laura posed nude, and of course the fireplace scene at the end (Good Lord what happened after that kiss? How could Laura have left to go home after that!)

8. Grappling Steele - "Just like us..a little hype on the professional side and...", "You in my arms" and "A Bill of're learning Miss Holt" Just more proof to me that these two are in love.

9. Dancer, Prancer, et al - RS's kiss after "one flexible flyer" didn't seem at all spontaneous, very natural and very touching. The kiss on the cheek on the sofa where he worried what Laura thought of him...another great moment.

10. Steele Trying - Only RS and Laura could make bullets flying romantic. His confession to Laura as to why he brought her to San Francisco was priceless and her response, so sweet. That kiss right before they tried to get away...classic R&L.

11. Vintage Steele - So many moments, from the kiss in the wine cellar (one of if not the best kiss), the Abbott of Costello line (it still makes me laugh even though I've heard it hundreds of times), Laura's it!

12. Have I Got a Steele for You - Of course the thaw would make the list, but I also loved how R worried about Laura going to the warehouse alone, and his panic when he heard the gunshots.

13. Sensitive Steele - I hate their fight...but I love the way they make up. The beach scene was fabulous...and a perfect example that these two would have had a wonderful marriage.

14. Forged Steele - I watched this episode last night. The "talk" on the street is another great moment, like the Sensitive beach scene. And when RS tells Laura "I'm not going anywhere..." my heart does a THUD. You know he means it.

15. Steele in Circulation - The first light bulb moment for these two. They are crazy about each other and it takes Laura almost falling off a building to realize it. Should we have expected any less?

16. Love Among the Steele - Dripping with Passion. I love the idea that these two spent a day in the park, just the two of them having a picnic. And who else can make dismantling a car so much fun. And of course, "yes and no." It was about time R&L made out in a car.

OK. That's my list. Actually once I started writing it, it all seemed to flow in just the right place. These are the episodes I watch the most and that make my toes curl. I'll have to work on the bottom list later. I'm worn out! But thanks for the idea.

BTW, am I the only one that did a double take at Judith's comment (Remington thinking Laura's pregnant!) WHAT? WHO? WHEN? WHERE? WHY?


by jrdedrick (Sun Nov 19 2006 09:40:13 )
'm gonna have to think really hard about this since my list probably resembles Xenos in number in the favorite department! Its so hard to stop at just ten! The bottom ones should be easier all though I don't think I have ten in that department. I'm not sure.


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by picac      (Sun Nov 19 2006 10:17:34 )
Steele thinks Laura's pregnant in Thou Shalt Not Steele because of the word 'expecting"

"Miss Wolfe, does it strike you that Laura seems unusually, ah..."

"Wired, cranky, bent out of shape?"

"In a word. Any reason for the cause?"

"Well, she did ask me to overload her schedule once before when she was expecting. .." 

by attagrrrl    (Sun Nov 19 2006 10:21:02 ) 
Okay, this is too tempting.

It was actually quite easy to narrow it down to a top 15, but then it was hard to make the final cut. My favorites are based on no particular scenes but on the episode overall--plot, romance/relationship, characters,etc. The ones that make the list tend to be the ones that have stuck with me through the years.

Top Ten (in no particular order):

1. In the Steele of the Night--a peculiar favorite of mine, evidently
2. Red Holt Steele
3. Love among the Steele
4. Steele Framed
5. Woman of Steele
6. Beg, Borrow, or Steele
7. Thou Shalt Not Steele
8. Steele Trying
9. Dancer, Prancer, Donner, and Steele
10. Steele Away with Me Pt. 1--another one that doesn't seem to make many people's lists. I love the way the Mexico trip starts out, but part 2 is not as strong.

Runners up:
Hearts of Steele
Steele in Circulation
Dreams of Steele
Gourmet Steele
Diced Steele

Bottom 10:
1-6. All 6 episodes of Season 5--these are the only RS episodes that I really have strong negative feelings about.
7. Steele Spawning--Louis Anderson is so annoying
8. Suburban Steele--boring plot, annoying kids
9. Springtime for Steele--I'll get on the anti-Rocky train
10. Blood Is Thicker than Steele--more annoying kids, rampant incompetence of Laura and Steele seems out of place

Other least favorites:
Second Base Steele--I like how Laura is a good ball player, but the plot is SO stupid
Pocketful of Steele--another annoying kid. (No, I do not hate children. I enjoy them in real life, but they just don't do it for me on RS)
Cornfed Steele--a plot based on pig farming? Just say no.

by picac  (Sun Nov 19 2006 11:41:58 ) 
It's so hard making a top 10 list. And this (in honor of Nigel) Goes to 11! Er 12.

Beg Borrow or Steele: I love this episode. I love almost every scene in it. From the not having any energy, to the office tackle, to them seeing their obituaries on TV, to spying on their wake, Mildred getting arrested and the ever-decreasing levels of comfort and economic status they devolve into (the best being the porn theater and the exchanges after). The scene in the homeless shelter when Laura decides to stay and share a vermin ridden bed with Steele is I think the most romantic and loving act she ever did. Now that's commitment! And the end tag scene -- of is that your foot on my leg and his eyebrow raise -- perfection. 

Thou Shalt Not Steele: I've discussed it before. It's episode that shows you everything RS is about and what you get. We get character insight into both characters and their relationship, we get insight into both their pasts. We see the adventurous loving side of Laura and how that attracts her to Steele and we see Steele uber competent and sexy as hell. It's also witty as heck with some great risqué lines and we get a shouting talking over scene.

Steele Your Heart Away: The best of the non-US episodes (which are some of the best quality overall) Steele the man no one knows the identity of becomes the man he doesn't even know himself. And yet he knows enough that he wants Laura and she wants him. The use of locations is perfection. The supporting characters are wonderful. And amidst this romp Steele's thwarted attempt to find his real identity is poignant and rather heartbreaking. And the tag where Laura, says home Mr. Steele says it all. LA is his home, as is Laura and he IS Mr. Steele. 

Steele Trying- Tony Bennett's music completely makes the episode the unique experience it is. Even so the dance scene would probably put it in the top 10 anyway. Swoon. The mystery is good as are the locations, the fast pace and the humor. "You were the professional in the relationship" Ha! Oh favorite moment with what could be a throwaway action scene -- Steele using the stripper pole to his advantage in the fight scene and then topping it off with kissing the stripper on the top of her head. LOL

Steele At It: Steele’s expert theft of the dagger (love him all in black though it was very careless of him to toss his scarf away so close to the crime scenes) Laura's chase and tackle of Steel on the beach. The FABULOUS argument scene about how some partners or more equal than others. The Goldfinger wetsuit scene.

Have I Got a Steele For You: I adore Mulch and this is his best appearance. But most of all this is the relationship thaw episode and it's a great thaw -- marred only by an interruption by Mildred (come on- get an answering service already and turn off your phone!) And there's another great Steele theft, which always makes me happy -- love the swiping of the Porsche. Oh and "George, my dolly" One of my favorite line readings of the series. 

Red Holt Steele: The opening surveillance scene is great -- Laura running and Steele observing the long legged field darter compete with cigar and his paint set behind him. Them there's the Xenos story, if you asked and palm kiss. To top it all off we have Steele wet (but he shouldn't have put his sweatshirt on before he answered the door!) and the beautiful romantic noirish tag with Steele walking alone on the street in his trench coat as Laura plays her gift.

Sensitive Steele:The best of the spoofing current fads episodes (better than Suburban, much much better than Alive & Kicking and Running and even better than the good Grappling) I love seeing Steele and Laura in all the relationship exercises -- especially Steele's complete discomfort and disdain for all the touch feeling gack. And of course there's the Gazebo, Bataka, Bataka aftermath and beach scenes. Oh and Steele's sweater -- greatest sweater ever.

Premium Steele: Monroe-- one of my favorites one off characters and someone I'd have liked to see more of. I find it completely believable he was Steele's friend. (and Richard Lawson is HOT) The mystery is excellent as is Steele's obsession with his new vcr/wide screen tv. And of course there's the Hotel room scene -- when Laura does say the nicest thing she's ever said to Steele. She thanks him for "being you" -- not for measuring up to some imagined Steele. It's a beautiful and touching scene and one where we see them actually afraid which is very rare. "We've got picture we've got sound!" -- Frankly my dear I don't give a damn" -- one of the best tags ever.

Forged Steele: Steele waking up in his underwear -- and then it just gets better. It's a fun complex mystery though how anyone could think Steele would pull off something so ridiculous and close to home just for $6m and then hide some of the diamonds in his cheese well come on! Still we get Steele and Mildred breaking in together, Laura's worry then belief then doubts and the jailhouse chin tilt talk. Oh and extra points for how Steele snaps his ID bracelet off the hostesses wrist.

Dreams of Steele: Not only are the dream sequences very funny but they also give some insight into the relationship -- as does the entire falling apart of the case -- capped with the talk in the coffin. The actual mystery of the episode is also very good as are their action pieces and it's all seamlessly integrated.

A Good Night's Steele: (part of what may be the three best back to back to back episodes in the series -- Goodnight, Hearts, To Stop A Steele) I just love the humor of this episode and it has some of the best lines of dialogue of any episode. Five minutes to get though a hospital standard, if the union got wind of this. I don't want to sleep with you, I just want to sleep with you, I think we should give serious consideration to framing that woman, hoisted by my own canard, your lilting voice. Laura initiating a kiss for the first time! Steele becoming the man he pretends to be -- what could be more appropriate! 

License, Belted, Steele Flying High, Hearts, Stop A Steele, Vintage, Circulation, Steele Away Part 1, Love Among the Steele, Steele Framed, Woman, Lofty, Gourmet, Diced Steele, Puzzled, Now You Steele It, Approval, Steele Searching, Steele Blushing, Steele. Inc, Steele in the Spotlight, Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele, Santa Claus is Coming to Steele (as are many others) -- are also top notch for me and many could easily replace a few on the list depending on mood.

Oh and I agree with whoever said they liked Steeling The Show. Dimples and the Dipsomaniac are wonderful together (I love watching Steele with older people and kids and this is the first example and one of the best), there's that wonderful scene when Laura tells him he has good instincts and not to be hard on himself, and Murphy- Steele- the straight jacket and the dog bone -- it doesn't get much funnier than that.

by bgwillis1281    (Sun Nov 19 2006 11:43:57 ) 
Oh, OK, now I get it. Thanks Ace. That one went right over my head.


by Xenos1981    (Sun Nov 19 2006 17:26:30 ) 

Xenos...since there is only 7 on your Bottom 10, then you can add THREE to your top 10 and make it a Baker's Dozen.
Bless you, Zinger. And in no particular order...

1) "Steele Away With Me" -- The Honeymoon Suite scene!!! Hating Mildred at the beginning and then finding out that I like her. The Honeymoon Suite scene!!! Remington's jealousy. (Damn!) The Honeymoon Suite scene!!! Pierce in a white dinner jacket!!! (Grrrrrr!!!) The Honeymoon Suite scene!!! The scene where Laura answers the hotel phone and realizes Remington is there. Did I mention the Honeymoon Suite scene?

2) "Steele Threads" -- Just flesh. (Holy crap!) The "babe" scene. (OMG, OMG, OMG!!!) Remington running his hand over Laura's butt. (Heh-heh-heh!)

3) "Thou Shalt Not Steele" -- Abigail. Women in prison. Cleaning the bathroom. The whole heist scene. Felicia saying Michael is smitten.


P.S. If I change my mind and say that there are no "bottom ten" episodes, can I list seven more?!?!

by susan-baxter-ferguson    (Mon Nov 20 2006 06:57:42 ) 
I am new to this board, but I am a huge fan of Remington Steele. After reading through these top 10 lists, I felt the need to reply. I'm glad somebody mentioned Steele in the Spotlight on their bottom 10. This is probably my least favorite episode. The one time Laura is actually in the spotlight and receiving public accolades, she turns into a conceited beyotch who lets her vanity get in the way of her judgement. Then Steele and Mildred act like this is normal for Laura, and rather than try to reason with her (Laura is a very reasonable person, but all Steele can do is try to pick a fight), they ditch her to solve the case on their own! How many times has Laura quietly sat in the background, anonymously solving crimes, and always involving Steele and Mildred, and they just turn their backs on her, ditch her, and make her seem like a nuisance.

This episode, more than any other, really makes me mad!

I didn't see Lofty Steele mentioned (or I missed it), but that has always been one of my favorites. Steele's concern when Laura is missing, Laura's time in the hospital and her daring escape, Mildred's quick thinking to get her out -- it was very good. I could mention Laura's dress as a downside, but, hey, it was the 80s. A nod to Cyndi Lauper?

by picac    (Mon Nov 20 2006 08:20:36 ) 
I really like Steele in the Spotlight. It's grown on me over the years and I like it's noirish dark rather eerie/creepy feel. I also think think what happens to Laura and how she reacts and how Steele reacts is actually well done. Fame and the spotlight had indeed gone to her head. And it's because for all those years she was out of the spotlight and Steele was in it that 

a) she's supremely flattered by the interest -- for once she feels all her efforts will be publically acknowledged and that's heady and satisfying stuff. 

b) isn't that used to it so she doesn't handle it very well. 

c) thinks Steele's objections to some of her actions come just from petty jealousy. Steele did try and talk with Laura (albeit as with many of their talks it descends into fighting) but she thought he was just jealous and wasn't listening to him. That wasn't a completely unreasonable belief since for years it had been him in the spotight and she saw how he lapped it up. As it is she admits at the end that she wouldn't have taken more criticism from him as anything but jealousy and laughs that it's frighetning that he knows her so well. 

But there really wasn't all that much time to try and reason with Laura and at the same time protect Billie. The fact that during the case she was slipping off and calling Windsor and not even telling Steele about it showed she wasn't acting all that reasonably. By the time Steele and Mildred slip off, someone had already been murdered and by Laura's actions she was endangering the case and the people in it. Why would she tip off Windsor about where Billie was when someone had already been murdered in the case and Billie who obviously didn't want to be found could very well be the next target? Why brodcast her whereabouts on the news before even talking to her and find out what was going on?

Also it's not as if Laura over the years hadn't tried to ditch Steele and Mildred from time to time and made them feel like they were nuisances. That just about describes most of the first year for Steele and quite a few for Mildred over the years. :D

Lofty -- I love it. And it's in my huge runner up pile and on given day might be in my top 10.

by everglade68    (Mon Nov 20 2006 14:29:54 ) 
Welcome Susan, happy that you are joining us in this forum. You will have
a great time, I am sure.


by Xenos1981    (Mon Nov 20 2006 18:23:00 ) 
Hi, Susan...My name is Xenos...It's been an hour since my last Steele fix... (Addicting indeed, javosyka!)

Glad you're here, Susan! Now that you and Ace have brought up "Lofty Steele", I'm gonna have to give that a second look. It never made a real impression on me. Hmmmmm... 

Regarding "Steele In The Spotlight"...I have to agree with Ace. I find it VERY amusing that Laura is now the one getting all the attention and our Mr. Steele shows a bit of the ol' green-eyed monster. NICE! The only thing funnier in this episode is Laura's hair...How high could she get it?! Seriously, she was as tall as Remington! LOL!


by bgwillis1281    (Mon Nov 20 2006 18:40:55 ) 
I have the same feelings as you about Spotlight, Susan. Although I love the clinch at the end (and the fur coat is an interesting choice for our Laura) I didn't like that her one time in spotlight, Laura ends up looking like a real jerk. It wasn't in keeping with her character. And yes, Remington liked the spotlight, but I don't even remember him being that enamored with all the attention. I think he sort of look upon it as part of his job. He was never a real jerk about it. (OK, he did seem to having a good time when Mariah was falling all over his in Steele Eligible).

I think it was another way for the writers to throw in some conflict between the two.

And I do love Lofty Steele. We got our first glimpse of PB's new haircut, I love the "we'll deal with my lust at a more appropriate time," and even with Cannes, those two were very much crazy about each other. Although I have to disagree with RS, I hated Laura's red and purple dress.


by jrdedrick  (Mon Nov 20 2006 19:37:18 ) 

It pains me just to recall that ... dress. What were they thinking? She looked like a frenzied, color challenged peacock running around trying to find its nest which was perched on top of it feathers the whole time. Now, that may be a bit harsh, but that is all I can picture everytime I see that ... dress
I AM SO GLAD that I'm not the only one who thought that dress was hideous! LOL I wondered what drugs they had put him on when he said to her that he had always liked that dress!


Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to! 

by JuleanJS  (Mon Nov 20 2006 20:20:05 ) 
Most, if not all of mine have already been listed, but I thought it sounded like a fun project, so, here goes: (This is just the best. I’ll post the worst on another list since this is rather long. And, mine are in order.)

1. It's a gimmee--Red Holt Steele. Prekiddos, I was a big runner, so I love this episode from the beginning. Then she lands in his arms and it just keeps getting better from there. 

2. Woman of Steele. I remember rehashing this entire episode more than once with other RS fans when I was a kid. Love the rare, uninterrupted kiss, Laura's speech to him in front of the mansion, the way she comes up on her tiptoes to greet him at her loft (think it was picac who pointed that out in another post and I hadn't noticed it before, but it's dang cute!), and I was thrilled that they actually had a follow-up, discuss the relationship session at the end--kuddos to Remington for not letting Laura avoid it.

3. Love Among the Steele. SO many great scenes--the picnic, the lookout, taking apart the car, and SO many interruptions. I didn't remember the tape-unscrambling scene from when I was a kid, so it was a real gem to find on the DVD's. Love Laura's honest, unflinching “You know I do.”.

4. Steele Trying. (The Tony Bennet version. I'm not sure that the DVD version would make my top 10.) Loved the way the lyrics fit the scenes. Both the mystery and romance to this are top-notch, though the end does bug me a bit when Laura so casually lets Rita be killed. 

5. Premium Steele. The "Gone With The Wind" ending is probably my all-time favorite. I also love the "I'm committed" line and the honesty between them that's brought out by the genuine fear for their lives. 

6. Steel Away With Me. I believe that Xenos mentioned the honeymoon suite scene :) I also enjoy the scene right before that where they meet for...was it supposed to be dinner before all of the serenading? The way they greet each other is great. Lots of other good bits in this one, but I think they've been mentioned. (Xenos, you did mention the honeymoon suite scene, right?)

6. Vintage Steele. The best parts of this one have all been mentioned too. Wish we (and Remington) could have seen the wild, impetuous side of Laura a little more often. 

7. Grappling Steele. The dance scene in the apartment is perfect, and I think it’s followed by Midred’s best interruption of all time. SO funny! (I didn’t know about the microphone guy in the mirror until SteeleWatchers, so now I have that to add to my laughs.) It’s always fun when the cases mirror (no pun intended) Remington and/or Laura’s lives: “Hype on the professional level, not on the personal level—just like you and me, eh?”

8. Forged Steele. It’s nice to see a return to the trust Laura had for him in “Thou Shalt Not Steele” and even nicer to hear Remington come as close as he gets to offering commitment. (Would have been good enough for me—especially with the chin lift!) 

9. Have I Got a Steele For You. The thaw scene saved me from giving up on watching the show as a kid. I was getting pretty frustrated with the third season at that point. But, we need more than one scene to make the list, right? Wish I could add the “Bengay” scene, but sadly, we didn’t get to see that. Can I just say that George is one of my favorite guests? He’s so excited and upbeat for a man who’s had as many failures as he has. And he just keeps on trying. 

10. Steele Framed. Of course, the best part is when she finds him running up the road. But the line “I’m being framed like a two dollar water color,” is pure RS poetry. The acting by the leads in this episode was superb too—some very intense emotions. This episode would be higher on the list if it weren’t for the Major’s deplorable costumes. I am glad they did a sequel, though. He was an interesting, and very twisted character. 

by bgwillis1281  (Mon Nov 20 2006 20:28:28 ) 
You're right that Remington liked to rub it Laura's face but he wasn't a jerk, or purposefully irresponsible about it. I always felt that when the writers put them both in same situation and circumstances, they were harder on Laura than Remington. And they didn't have to be.

And now that we're talking about clothes, what were they thinking in Season 3. That vinyl looking jumpsuit in Maltese Steele, the purple and red dress in Lofty Steele, and several others that I can't quite put my finger right now. But I remember as I watched Season 3 thinking there were some really questionable fashion choices. Of course, there were some good ones too. The slinky tube top and pants in Maltese Steele (Laura at her sexiest I think; can't believe Rem didn't jump her right then). And I loved her suit in brain is failing me (must be vacation fever) the Courtney Doll episode (Is it Have I Got a Steele For You???). Anyway, most of the time I loved Laura's clothes, but those were some clinkers.


by JuleanJS    (Mon Nov 20 2006 21:22:25 ) 
avosyka, The "Bengay" scene was in referece to Laura's comment that Mr. Steele should go home and rest his ribs. Then she suggested (in front of Mildred and George none-the-less) that, perhaps she'd come by later with some Bengay. Somehow, I doubt she followed through on that idea.

Here’s my 10 worst (sort of in order from worst to not-so-worst):

1. Steele in the Chips. Maybe I wouldn’t have disliked this so much if it had aired when it was supposed to—during the thaw. But, I just couldn’t watch Remington drool over Miss Dalrymple like that. And, I think the food fight ending would have been much better than the marching band. That was just the breaking straw in an already too silly episode. (Of course, the aphrodisiac cookie version would have been better too.) 

2. Steele Blue Yonder. I would have taken an actor of Jimmy Stewart’s caliber to save this one from its boredom.

Numbers 3-5 are a tie, since I actually haven’t watched them on DVD. Season 1, though not my favorite season, has some real gems. These three are not among them. Must be the lack of romance, as that’s the only common thread I can find with them. 

Steele Flying High, Steeling the Show, You’re Steele The One For Me

6. My Fair Steele. Loved the movie. Hate this spin-off. And the butler did it? Come on!

7. Blood is Thicker Than Steele. I know, I know, it’s Remington with kids and he’s so cute with kids. But, they’re such ANNOYING kids! 

8. Steele Spawning. Bing is nearly as annoying as the kids, but at least he’s slightly funny. (Very slightly.)

9. Steele On The Air. The only thing saving this from being higher on the list is Midred’s sex-therapist cover.

10. Stronger Than Steele. Was it Xenos who wrote how stupid Laura comes off in this? I mean, who gets that obsessed over a TV show? (Yeah, I totally get the irony of that last statement, but we don’t go around wearing RS decoder rings or speaking in some secret language. Then again, didn’t Steelewatchers just have a rather detailed discussion of the phrase, “Icy Calm?” Maybe we do have our own language. Who else (besides us and the Greeks) could readily tell you what Xenos means? (I do like Remington's "American Shag" line in this, though. Another thing I didn't get as a kid.)

by DCZinger    (Tue Nov 21 2006 08:14:07 )
Steele thinks Laura's pregnant in Thou Shalt Not Steele because of the word 'expecting" 

"Miss Wolfe, does it strike you that Laura seems unusually, ah..." 
"Wired, cranky, bent out of shape?" 
"In a word. Any reason for the cause?" 
"Well, she did ask me to overload her schedule once before when she was expecting. .." 

Ace, Judith, I always thought THAT scene was about Laura having PMS! 


by DCZinger    (Tue Nov 21 2006 08:25:45 ) 

Stronger Than Steele. Was it Xenos who wrote how stupid Laura comes off in this? I mean, who gets that obsessed over a TV show? (Yeah, I totally get the irony of that last statement, but we don’t go around wearing RS decoder rings or speaking in some secret language. Then again, didn’t Steelewatchers just have a rather detailed discussion of the phrase, “Icy Calm?” Maybe we do have our own language. 
Shessh, are talking to a TREKKER here. I've watched the show since I was FOUR, attended more than few conventions dressed as Deanna Troi, can do the Vulcan Hand Salute on both hands, won MONEY in a trivia contest one time, cried when Spock died in Wrath of Khan, and know more than a few Klingon phrases. 

I totally GOT Laura in "Stronger than Steele".


by JuleanJS    (Tue Nov 21 2006 11:06:54 ) 
Sorry, Zinger. Hope I didn't offend. Like I said, that last part was meant to be complete irony. RS Steele is my only TV obsession, but it honestly is truly that--an obsession. If there were a RS convention, you know I'd be wanting to go. So, honestly, I "got" most of Laura's craziness too. There are other things I dislike about this episode. For one, poor Max has lead such a sorry life since his TV show. Reminds me of the astronaut in the super market (sorry, can't recall the episode.) For two, the "shut up and watch" line. I realize it's during the thaw, but Laura IS being crazy in choosing the TV/mystery over "going off the deep end" with Remington. (I know, not the first or last time she does this.) And another: the scene where they're taking the tape from Jarvis and Atomic Man is distracting everyone with his tale is just over the top. I know the man's supposed to have lost it, but he keeps looking back at Laura and Remington to see if they're done. Why doesn't anyone in his captive audience follow his gaze towards the office? Finally, I don't think that Jennifer would fill out an Atomic Man suit in the same way as Max. 

It was a tight race between this episode and "Pocketful of Steele" for #10 worst, but the mama scene from "Pocket" always makes me smile. And Remington sees right through it. "I'm scared mama. Are they gonna kill me?" "We haven't ruled it out!"

by DCZinger    (Tue Nov 21 2006 13:38:20 ) 
Don't worry, Julean...I'm NOT offended in the least! I just looked at Laura's attitude during the whole show and thought "Reminds me of a serious Trekker". 

Didya catch the hilarious line in the show at the Atomic Man Convention: "Laura, No Costume this year?". Remington's face at that remark... LOL. Wouldn't you just KILL to see Laura in her Atomic Man costume? 


by DCZinger    (Tue Nov 21 2006 15:28:00 ) 
Trekkie is kind of an insult. It's a NON FAN's term to describe us. 

TREKKER is the correct term if you are referring to a fan of Star Trek. 

I am a fan of TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOYAGER. I never really got into Enterprise. 

Rumor has it that there is a NEW Trek movie in development...going back to Kirk and Spock at the Academy! I am soooo there if this happens. 

Javoyska...are you more a fan of the FIRST THREE SW films, or the latter? I'm more a fan of 4,5,6 but the special effects in 1,2, 3 are superior.

Soooooo how should WE refer to ourselves as RS Fans? "Steelies" sounds silly. 


by Xenos1981    (Tue Nov 21 2006 15:58:51 ) 
I am SO not letting the Xenoshubby see this post or he'd take over the computer!!! He's a Trekkie AND a Star Wars freak!!! (By the way, the Xenoshubby refers to you ladies as my "Steele Peeps" as do I...and "Steelies". Like 'em both.)


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