Major News & Site Updates:

Oct 4-15:  Pierce signs up for thriller I.T. that Stefano Sollima will direct, scheduled to film in 2014 and thriller Survivor scheduled for a January 2014 start with Milla Jovovich, & Angela Bassett directed by James McTeigue.  Salma Hayek has replaced Kristen Scott Thomas as the lead in How To Make Love Like An Englishman with Marlee Matlin added to the cast. Filming began Oct 14.
Sept 15: Love Punch updated with 200+ photos, video and articles from the TIFF

Love Punch:TIFF Press Conference Photocall -  Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson Love Punch: TIFF Press Conference - Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson Love Punch: TIFF Premiere: Red Carpet -  Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson Love Punch: TIFF Premiere: Red Carpet -  Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson Love Punch: TIFF Premiere: Red Carpet -  Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson
Sept 15: Multi Media updated with behind the scenes video from the Hackett campaign.
Aug 8-19: Media Files Update:  files have re-uploaded & re-organized in all sections. Die Another Day now updated with new links & vids, Multi Media: updated with new interviews and features.
July 23-28: Gallery updated with HiLuxury Magazine photos & Hackett's Autumn/Winter 2013 Campaign
July 23-28:  Love Punch is a GALA selection for the Toronto International Film Festvial (Sept 5-15). Career section added. Media: Audio files have been re-uploaded. BTS video of The Nephew added.  Interviews: Link to HiLuxury Magazine (June/July 2013) added.
July 20:  Pierce has a sizeable cameo in Edgar Wright's The World's End. Already playing in the UK it's scheduled for U.S. release August 23rd.
July 1:  Gallery updated with magazine photos.
June 28:  Condolences on the tragic passing of Charlotte Brosnan, wife, mother, daughter, sister at age 41.  Information on Forum.
June 27:  Video files re-uploaded and/or linked on Youtube for on James Bond for Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, World Is Not Enough and partially Die Another Day.
6/9: More apologies and if you're reading this thank you for your patience.  Cixx6 has gone AWOL.  The new site will be here at PBFILES.NET.  Gallery & Interviews updated with  many higher quality scans.
6/11:  Pierce is filming The November  Man in Serbia & Montenegro (May-Aug).  Photos & articles on the FORUM
4/17-6/11:  Love Is All You Need Reviews, Articles, Media & Links updated. Gallery updated with NYC & LA Premiere. Media: Sky Broadband link added.
4/23: Photos of Pierce at the Chaplin Awards Gala honoring Barbra Streisand on the FORUM
3/21:  Love Is All You Need US & UK trailers, James Bond: Goldeneye updated with two Behiind The Scenes clips.  Multi-Media udpated with Pierce presenting at the 68th Oscars (1996)
3/12:  Media section updated with Qualitas Auto ad (2013) from Spain.
3/6: Love Punch: 5 minute Promo Reel added.
2/ 27:  Pierce honored at Trinity College Dublin. Info and photos on Forum.
2/12 -3/15:  Love Is All You Need: screening at Glasgow. Dublin and Florida Film Festvals.
2/ 12:  Signed on to play Fegan in Last Man Out based on Stuart Nevillie's acclaimed thriller The Twelve/The Ghosts of Belfast.  Filming is scheduled to begin late 2013.
12/ 26:  Mini Series:  Nancy Astor files re-uploaded and updated in higher quality. Broken links for Manions Of America files repaired.
11/ 19:  Media section updated with Oulin ad (2012) from China.
10/22-28:  Filming in Mallorca, Spain for The Long Way Down.  Photos and articles updated. Film wraps.

A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Nick Hornsby A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Nick Hornsby A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Nick Hornsby A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Nick Hornsby A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Nick Hornsby

9/13-21: Love Is All You Need: photos, video, articles and reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival

Love Is All You Need, Toronto International Film Festival, Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm, Susanne Bier Love Is All You Need, Toronto International Film Festival, Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm, Susanne Bier Love Is All You Need, Toronto International Film Festival, Pierce Brosnan Love Is All You Need, Toronto International Film Festival, Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm, Susanne Bier Love Is All You Need, Toronto International Film Festival, Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm, Susanne Bier

9/6-17:  Filming has started on The Long Way Down in London.  New web page added. Sam neill & Rosamund Pike join cast.

A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Nick Hornsby A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Nick Hornsby A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Nick Hornsby A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Nick Hornsby A Long Way Down - Pierce Brosnan

9/2-6: Love Is All You Need has it's world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Phoots, video, articles & reviews added.  Selected for the The Zurich International Film Festval. (Sept 20-30)
Bald Hairdresser - Love Is All You Need - Trine Dyrholm, Pierce Brosnan Bald Hairdresser - Love Is All You Need - Trine Dyrholm, Pierce Brosnan Bald Hairdresser - Love Is All You Need - Trine Dyrholm, Pierce Brosnan Bald Hairdresser - Love Is All You Need - Trine Dyrholm, Pierce Brosnan Love Is All You Need, Venice Film Festival, Brosnan, Trine, Bier
7/28- 8/15Love Is All You Need has world premiere at the 69th Venice International Film Festival (Aug 29- Sept 8) on Sept 2nd & The Toronto Film Festival (Sept 6-16).  Gallery updated.  Love Punch:  Gallery updated
7/17-20Love Is All You Need Production photos & Official Poster added. Trailer with English subtitles
6/23-7/11Love Is All You Need posters & photos added. Trailer online & stills from trailer added
6/9-7/5: Media updated with ads from Japan, Spain & Italy. Love Punch:articles,photos & video from Cannes & Paris
Love Punch Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson Love Punch Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson
7/5: Love Punch:  Gallery updated with photos of Pierce offset and attending the Versace's Paris Fashion Show
6/2Love Is All You Need is the new English title for The Bald Hairdresser.  Site updated with articles and distributor information.  Love Punch scheduled to start filming mid June.
5/19: The November Man scheduled to start filing in October.  Directed by Roger Donaldson and so-starring Dominic Cooper.  USA developing 12 series including Bang-Bang co-executive produced by Brosnan & Irish Dreamtime.  Interviews updated with link to Hong Kong Prestige from June 2010.
5/12/12: Pierce signs on to The Long Way Down (based on the Nick Hornsby novel) co-starring Toni Collette & Emile Hirsch.  Filming set for late Summer/Early Fall in London.  Also scheduled for the action/thriller  The Coup co-starring Owen Wilson & Michelle Monagan scheduled to start filming in October.
4/29: Pierce in Liverpool ad: A Tribute To Women (filmed in Prague earlier this month - view photos on board)
4/12: Pierce video for "Save A Gray Whale Nursery" for Earthday 2012 added to Media
2/13:  Pierce to star with Emma Thompson in Love Punch to be filmed  later this summer in the UK, Paris and The Riviera.   Manions Of America finally comes to DVD on Feb 28.  Bag Of Bones  on DVD - March 13.
11/11-12-10:  Bag Of Bones page added.  Gallery, Media, Articles, Links etc.  Die Another Day finally back online
10/15:  Teaser and Behind The Scenes video online for A&E TV mini-series Bag Of Bones on Stephen King site.  Scheduled to air over two nights Dec 11& 12.
9/9-14:   I Don’t Know How She Does It  aritcles, interviews and clips added.  True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle directed by Danny Devito and co-starring Morgan Freeman is back on with a scheduled 2012 shoot in Ireland
8/22:  Robinson Crusoe photos added to Gallery
8/09-28:  Pierce is in Halifax filming the Sony/A&E TV mini-series Bag Of Bones based on the Stephen King bestseller.   Co-starring Anabeth Gish & Melissa George. I Don’t Know How She Does It updated with posters, photos and links.
6/14/11: The Bald Hairdresser/ All You Need Is Love page added with photos and articles.  Pierce rumored to be attached to The House Gun based on Nobel Prize-winner Nadine Gordimer's novel to be filmed in South Africa directed by Bruce Beresford.
6/6: Salvation Boulevard stills from trailer added.   The Pet Lover's License Plate nearing production with the passage of AB 610 bill.
5/22-28: Salvation Boulevard Trailer onlne. Set for Gen Art Film Fest, Lighthouse & Seattle Int'l Film Fest.  Updated with media, photos, articles. Pierce filming All You Need In Love in Sorrento, Italy.    I Don’t Know How She Does It  trailer added.
5/14: Pierce in Denmark for rehearsals for  All You Need In Love:  SJP in Cannes for I Don’t Know How She Does It  and Insider set clip added.  Pierce & Keely honored by Malibu Girls & Boys in 10th Anniversary celebrations. Pierce scheduled to teach in Republic Of Ireland's new National School Of Acting
4/28:  Media updated with IFTA appearance & win, BCRF presentataion and Spar ad.
4/26:  Salvation Boulevard scheduled for limited release July 15.  I Don’t Know How She Does It is scheduled for wide release Sept 16 as well as the Johnny English sequel that Pierce has a cameo in.
3/03:  All You Need In Love: Pierce to star in a romantic comedy by Academy Award Winner Director  Susanne Bier.  Filming scheduled for the Almafi coast in Italy in May. 
2/27:   The Ghost Writer: Winner of four Ceasar Awards including Best Director. Pierce wins IFTA.
1/17-22:   The Ghost Writer: Articles & Best Of Year lists and reviews updated.  Nominated for USC Scripter Award,  Winnder of two Prix Lumiere awards, NFCA chose Williams as Best Supporting actress and runner up nods for director & screenplay.  Pierce nominated for IFTA. Nominated for 8 Cesar awards - including best Film & director.
12/19 -1/22:  Salvation Boulevard page added with articles, gallery and links
12/02:   Pierce as Best Supporting Actor is one of four nomination for The Ghost Writer by the Satellite Awards    Salvation Boulevard accepted for Sundance 2011
12/17-1/17:  Pierce attached to I Don’t Know How She Does It starring Sarah Jssica Parker.  Greg Kinnear, Kelsey Grammar, Christina Hendricks, Jane Curtin.  Baseed on best selling book and produced by the Weinstein Co.  Filiming began as scheduled for January 17-March 31 in NYC. Pierce & Olivia Williams nominated by London Critic Film Circle. 
12/17:  The Ghost Writer: Articles & Best Of Year lists and reviews added.  Winner of six European Film Awards.   Salvation Blvd photos online.

Salvation Boulevard (2011) Salvation Boulevard (2011) Salvation Boulevard (2011) Salvation Boulevard (2011)

12/02:   Pierce as Best Supporting Actor is one of four nomination for The Ghost Writer by the Satellite Awards    Salvation Boulevard accepted for Sundance 2011
5/17:  The Ghost Writer & The Greatest: Reviews, articles updated.  Salvation Boulevard began filming in Michigan in late Aprl. Pierce signs up for St Vincent directed by Walter Hill and co starring Billy Bob Thorton & Maria Bello.  Due to start filming in July.  Rumblings: updated.
4/22:  Oceans  Pierce narrated documentary opens in the U.S.  Premiere photos on Forum.
3/31-4/12:  The Greatest: L.A. premiere photos, reviews, articles, media added. Opening April 2 in NY/LA .  Pierce narrated Oceans documentary opens April 22 on Earth Day.
3/10-31:  The Greatest Official site online with trailer. Photos and video of Pierce at the  Independent Spirit Awards on ForumPhotos added.
3/04-16:  Remember Me: interviews, artciles, videos and photos from the NYC premiere.
2/15-4/12: The Ghost Writer:  Reviews, articles, hundreds of photos and media including TV slots, clips and the press conference from The Berlinale added. U.K poster added. Continues U.S. expansion.  Expands to 819 thetarts on March 19th.
3/04: GQ: Pierce Brosnan Suit Guide - Man On The Street & Entertainment Weekly: Pierce Brosnan MVP
3/04: Multi Media: updated with 2009 Vision Lab ad from Spain with link to Behind The Scenes filming of ads.
2/10: Pierce Brosnan, Ed Harris and Jim Gaffigan have signed on to star in the indie Salvation Boulevard for the newly launched Mandalay Vision. Filming starts in April. Source: Variety.
2/2-8:  The Greatest: trailer added & selected for three more festivals. Percy Jackson: photocalls & publicity photos of Pierce in Athens & London. Interviews & movie clips. Remember Me: photos added 
2/2-8:  The Greatest: trailer added & selected for three more festivals. Percy Jackson: photocalls & publicity photos of Pierce in Athens & London. Interviews & movie clips. Remember Me: photos added 
1/27-2/08: Multi Media: updated with 2010 Vision Lab ad from Spain.. Ghost Writer: U.S. trailer added. Reviews, articles & interviews added. The Greatest opens in the U.S. on April 2.
1/18-20:  Pierce Brosnan at the Golden Globes.  Photos on forum.   
1/15-27:  Percy Jackson photos & character posters. Remember Me: photos added.  The Ghost Writer: trailer in English, posters, and preliminary reviews.  German #2 trailer released.
1/08: The Ghost: U.S. release date: Feb 19 lmtd, expansion in March.  German trailer online.
1/05:  Percy Jackson character posters - Pierce as Chiron. Remember Me photos added. 
12/29-30:  The Greatest opens in Spain on Jan 1.  Gallery & articles updated.  Mini-Series: photos from Nancy Astor press kit added. Photos from DTLux added to Gallery.
12/18: The Ghost: gallery updated.  Percy Jackson: photos updated. The Greatest gets limited late  March release date in U.S. with planned April expansion
12/15: The Ghost: Picked up for U.S. distribution by Summit and selected for competition at The Berlinale.
12/10: Multi Media: updated with 1990 interview on Arsenio Hall.
12/02:  Set for romantic comedy How to Make Love Like an Englishman  with Michelle Pfeiffer.  No start date but sold to distributors in Germany & Spain.
11/22:  Stars comes out for CNN Heroes ceremony (11-21-09). Photos on Forum
11/18-19: Percy Jackson posters & International trailer added. Remember Me trailer added
11/14: Pierce Brosnan attends the MOCA [Museum of Contemporary Art]  30th anniversary gala held  in Los Angeles, California. Photos in the Forum.
11/06:  Keely & Pierce are Honorees of The Peace Over Violence Humanitarian Awards - Activism Award. Held on Nov. 6th presented by Rene Russo.  Photos in the Forum.
11/04: Gallery updated with 2009 Galaxy suit ad campaign.  The Greatest Gallery & Media updated with official photos, poster & trailer from an Israeli site.
10/17:  1995 Letterman interview added to Media & Bond sections.   Photos of Pierce & family on the red carpet for a charity event at the Cirque du Soleil on the Message Board
10/16:  Percy Jackson: Page updated. Gaallery added. Teaser poster released. 'The Ghost' post production continued - composer chosen.
10-13:  The Greatest moves to Paladin Films headed by Mark Urman (who acquired it for Senator).  Hamptons coverage in Gallery, Media & Articles sections.
10-07:  Mini-Series page uploaded with cast listings, articles, interviews, reviews, gallery and multi-media.  Includes all of Pierce's scenes in Nancy Astor and 12 key scenes from The Manions Of AmericaInterviews:  Ladies Home Journal 1986 & Orange Coast 2002 added.
10/05:  Pierce to appear with  The Greatest at the Hamptons International Film Festival 
9/28-10-1:  Hollywood Reporter: Polanski arrest puts post production of 'The Ghost' on hold
9/24:  Pierce Brosnan & Shana Feste are scheduled to appear the Hamptons International Film Festival on Oct 8
9/08:  The Greatest opens the Hamptons International Film Festival (Oct 8-12).
8/15: Multi Media: Commercials & Activism videos added and updated.
7/26-28: Remember Me site added.  Gallery updated with Galaxy Spring/Summer campaign
7/20: The Greatest in competition at Italy's Giffoni Film Festival (July 12-25)  on July 21st.
7/09-11: Pierce on the set of Remember Me in NYC.  Photos & links in Forum & ImageShack
7/06: Official site up with video & photos.  The Ghost: Gallery updated with official photos
7/02:  The 44th Karlovy Vary IFF (July 3 -11) will open with the international premiere of The GreatestAlso chosen for the Traverse City Film Festival  (July 28-Aug 2) in Michigan.
6/13:  Site for Roman Polanski's The Ghost added with photos and articles.
5/20- 6/8: Pierce speaks at EPA hearings and IFAW reception in D.C. Photos and video in the Forum in the Activism here on youtube. section.  Speech for IFAW
3/25: Pierce cast as Chiron the centaur demi-god in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, to be directed by Chris Columbus.  Filming begns in April in Vancouver.
3/20: Pierce beings filming Roman Polanski's The Ghost in Germany.  Photos in the Forum.
3/15: Multi Media: Pierce interview on Charlie Rose promoting TCA in 1999.  Rocher ads placed on site for download. Mamma Mia!: passes $600m worldwide.
3/1: Rumblings updated. Pierce once again producing Robert Capa biopic.  Now not starring.
2/1-18: Heaven & Earth production blog. Filming halted in South Africa on Heaven & Earth
1/18-20: The Greatest: Articles, reviews, media & photos from Sundance
1/12: Multi Media: Golden Globes '09 - Red Carpet interview & Presenting.  Walk Of Fame induction from 1997. Golden Globe photos in Forum
1/08-14: The Greatest: clip of "Bedroom Scene" with Pierce Brosnan & Susan Sarandon and inteview with Shana Feste added.  Rumblings: Pierce chosen to present at Golden Globes on Jan 11th. Multi Media: new Visionlab ad from Spain.
12/13: The Greatest site online. Selected as one of 16 films for the Dramatic Competition at the 2009 Sundance Festival (January 17-25, 2009) from 1,026 submissions. Mamma Mia!: passes $570m worldwide.  Fastest seller in U.K history.  Sells 1.7m units first day, 3.125m it's first week and becomes Amazon UK's all time best selling DVD in one week.
11/12/08: Forum: photos of Pierce Brosnan honored at Jane Goodall Institute Global Leadership Awards and attending & speaking at L'Oreal Legends Gala to Benefit The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Mamma Mia!: passes $562m worldwide.  DVD release dates and specs. Married Life: DVD reviews added.
10/03/08: Remington Steele fan video updates. Married Life opens in Spain. Mamma Mia! opens in Italy.
9/29/08: Gallery updated with photos from the Galaxy Fall 2008 campaign. Roots & Shoots Day of Peace photos on Forum. Mamma Mia!: nears $500m worldwide, of a $15.5m weekend and 9 territories remaining.
9/02/08: Mamma Mia! & Married Life selected for The Deauville Film Festival (Sept 5-14). Married Life released on DVD & Blu-Ray Sept 2, 2008.  The Pierce voiced Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery comes to DVD on Sept 9. Multi Media: Two Galaxy ads with Pierce & Paris
7/19: Mamma Mia!: Reviews, Articles, Gallery & Media: added from premieres in U.S., UK, Australia
7/03-14: Mamma Mia!: Interviews from Greece & London premiere & film clips. Film stills, photos from London, Berlin, Greece & Stockholm premieres & photocalls. Hollywood Reporter rave.
6/26: Rumblings: Pierce to co-star with Nicholas Cage, Tilda Swinton & Kim Catrall in Roman Polankski's "The Ghost", to start filming Sept in Germany.  Photos from Pierce attending Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday dinner in London on the forum
6/22-28: Mamma Mia! Updates with interviews, reviews, video, wallpaper.  Gallery updated with photos from parade.  Interviews updated with links to new Vogue, Parade, Readers Digest.
5/24: Rumblings: Pierce to co-star with Susan Sarandon in The Greatest & Pierce to be honored with Maverick Award at the Maui Film Festival.
5/07: Married Life: Selected for The Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 18-29)
4/30: Mamma Mia! Pierce interview on Ellen. Multi Media Brazil- Vectra Elite Ad & Making Of
3/31: Gallery updated with photos from the Galaxy Spring 2008 campaign.  Mamma Mia! posters and new trailer added.
2/28- 3/29: Married Life:  Clips and interviews added.  Reviews & Articles added.
2/07-13: Married Life:  Trailer online and Official Site goes live. Articles added.
2/05: Multi Media. UK & France L'Oreal Ads uploaded.
12/20- 2/05: Married Life:   LA/NYC release date of March 7. March 21st planned expansion.   Photos & preliminary official website. Production notes added.
12/12-13: Mamma Mia! new Official Photos & stills from trailers.  Moviefone: First trailer added Dec 13th in Hi- Defintion Quicktime and a different International trailer is on Yahoo UK. Gallery updated with official photos of Live Wire & new ad from L'Oreal.
12/04: Interviews updated with 20 interviews and accompanying photos (from the 80s to present day),  many via the generosity of Ellen from her former Pierce Brosnan Online site. 
11/27: From Pierce Brosnan Online:  Pierce to start filming Vanilla Gorilla in South Africa in January 2008.  TCA2 filming scheduled with Verhoeven for Fall 2008. 
11/22: Remington Steele' first season available to watch in US on MSN.
11/09: James Bond Media sections updated with interviews, ads etc. 
11/06-14: Rumblings: Paul Verhoeven to direct the Thomas Crown sequel scheduled for a Jan 2008 start date according to Variety.MGM Press Release issued on 11/14.
11/02: Presenting at the 16th Annual BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards - Photos on Forum
10/31: TMZ: Messing With The Kids ... Off Limits 2 minute video
10/18: Matador & After The Sunset premiere & press photos updated.
10/13-16: New & updated links to Remington Steele fan videos. Articles & photos added.
10/11: Network Solutions & American Ballet Theater radio ads added to Multi Media
10/08: Pierce honored by Irish Arts Center in NYC.  Photos in Forum
9/05: Gallery updated with photos from the Vistula Fall 2007  &  Galaxy Fall 2007 campaigns
9/12-10-13: Married Life:  Reviews, interviews, video and photos from it's World Premiere at the TIFF & NYFF; Butterfly On A Wheel/Shattered - TNT on set cast, director, and producer videos. Sony Pictures Classics to distribute in the U.S. NYFF reviews & articles.
8/29: First production photo & USA Today article on Mamma Mia!  Filming starts in Greece.  Official TIFF description for Married Life.  Rumblings:Polo for the Topkapi Affair
8/18-27: Butterfly On A Wheel/Shattered at Belgium's Filmfestival Oostende (Sept 5-11) &  The Netherland's 9th International Festival Film By The Sea  (Sept 14-23). TNT (U.S. cable) will premiere Shattered aka BOAW Sept 2nd Production Notes added.
8/17: Pierce narrates Blue Planet: Seas Of Life (Four 1 hour episodes) on The Discovery Channel. August 19 & 26th. (8-10 pm ET/PT)
7/21-24/07: Butterfly On A Wheel/Shattered will be released in FIVE theaters in Miami on July 27.  Ofificial poster & link to trailer added.  100 stills from trailer added. Please check Butterfly On A Wheel/Shattered page for further updates.
7/19/07: Rumblings: Hollywood Reporter: 'Thomas' has new friend in Brosnan
7/17/07: Matador Gallery updated. Married Life: Updated with photos and articles.
7/14/07: Seraphim Falls Gallery updated with 40 plus photos from the TIFF and Artciles updated with a new interview from The Times. After The Sunset:  Gallery updated with NYC premiere and portrait photos.  James Bond: TWINE updated with MTV photos
7/06/07: Pierce "inspires" Marion Bartoli at Wimbeldon. Photos and articles in the Forum. 
7/05/07: James Bond section opened.  Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough sections added along with existing Die Another Day.Hundreds of photos (production, publicity, premieres, press) and links to videos uploaded, including new MTV: Goldeneye Behind The Scenes video. Bond film galleries & media links cross referenced in Photo Gallery & Multi- MediaThomas Crown Affair:  two large photos added from promotional package.  Remington Steele fan videos & promos added and updated. Seraphim Falls tupdated with UK poster and reviews.  Art Gallery updated.
7/01/07: Multi- Media:  Maidenform commerical from 1990. Interviews: The Big Issue (2004), Maxim (1999) and Smoke (1995) added.  Pierce Brosnan PSA for Live Earth availablef or download from Pierce will introduce a film at Live Earth from London 7-07-07. Visit
6/26/07: Seraphim Falls to close the The 19th Galway Film Fleadh (July 10-15)
6/23/07: Butterfly On A Wheel has been renamed Shattered for the U.S. market.  According to it is scheduled for a limited release by Lionsgate - starting in Miami, July 27  The film has also been selected to play at Stiges International Festival of Catalonia, Spain (Oct. 4-14)
6/19/07: Interviews:  Playboy 1986 interview and photos added.  Also added to Gallery
5/28/07: Thomas Crown Affair: Media updated with The View Interview with Pierce & Rene, Bravo's Sexiest Film Moments and  hi-res trailer. 
5/24/07: Tailor of Panama:  Media updated; dead links removed and  hi-res trailer and Virtue TV cast interview uploaded. 
5/22/07: Remington SteeleProduction Notes & Publicity still added. 
5/18/07: Multi- Media:   Manions links updated.  TV Guide names Pierce as one of the 5 top guest voices of The Simpsons 400 episodes. 
5/16/07:  Pierce Brosnan's Birthday.  Multi- Media: Pierce introducing American Ballet Theater's 'The Dream', 
5/14/07: Seraphim Falls released on DVD in the U.S. on May 15th.  Reviews added.  Lionsgate scheduled to release Butterfly On A Wheel in August. 
4/26/07: Mirror Crack'd, Carpathian Eagle, Straight Poop, Galaxy ads to Multi- MediaDVD featurette clip added to Seraphim Falls
4/20/07: Matador updated with photos from various festivals, premieres, photoshoots etc.
4/14/07: Mamma Mia site addedPhoto Gallery updated with stills from Muppets Tonight & Fourth Protocol
4/10/07: Manions,& Misc Fan videos added to Multi- Media, Promos, TV & Award video added to Remington Steelefan videos added to MatadorThomas Crown AffairEvelyn, Laws of Attraction
4/06/07: Butterfly On A Wheel updated with Behind the Scenes: Set Design video.
3/19/07: Aquascutum Spring '07 ad scans to Photo Gallery
3/18/07: Galaxy Spring '07 ads to Photo Gallery & Multi- Media;Remington Steele updated with links to videos and fan sites
3/16/07: Muppets Tonight, Freixnet, Sagres video added to Multi- Media;  Pierce commentary on License to Steele added to Remington Steele
3/11/07: Pierce & Keely lead LNG Protest in Malibu - Rumblings& Multi- Media. Photos posted on Message Board: LNG Protest 
3/08/07: Pierce cast as Sam in Mamma Mia! opposite Meryl Streep - Rumblings
2/16/07: Lionsgate is U.S. distributor for Butterfly On A Wheel.  All territories sold except for Japan and Italy.
2/12/07: Calendars and Aquascutum Spring '07 ads to Photo Gallery
1/26/07: Seraphim Falls opens in limited release in the U.S.  Expands to other markets in following weeks.  Check local listings and Seraphim Fallssite for more information. 

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